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Challenge 21 // Everybody Hates Hugo

This challenge is opened to Canadians, Americans, etc. But not UKers. If you are a UKer, please enter the UK challenge posted soon. If you're a UKer, you may enter if you'd like.

- You can find more caps at Lost Media if you'd like.
- Use textures, gradients, brushes, etc.
- Text is fine.
- You can blend the images together.

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Not saying that I'm not gonna... but why have one challenge just for UK'ers? I've watched all the new episodes as I download them as soon as possible.

I've already done all the season one episode icons and would love to be able to do these ones not the golfing ones I've been given as a uk'er because I've already iconed those ones loads of times already :(

honerbright said to.
its not just for the uk'rs.
its for everyone, but its there for the UK'rs so they can enter without being spoiled.

Btw, calvin, you cant say 'omg if you live here you can enter, everyone else: bugger off' jsut point out that theres spoilers, and if you'd rather stay unspoiled, dont look.

Sigh, I must really suck at explaining things, cos last season we got along fine doing this kinda thing.
*LOL* and what about the rest of the world? Which do they enter?
If they haven't seen it, the other one. If they have, this one.
Right... so I can enter this one because I've seen it :) cool, ta!
This is my first time doing a contest in this community, and I want to make sure I've got the rules figured out right... when you say:

'- You can find more caps at Lost Media if you'd like.'

do you mean we can use other caps from this episode, or just the two you've posted here?
You can use other caps from the same episode.